Gear Up for Thrilling Paddle Adventures in the Majestic Canadian Rockies

Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains lies Adventure Paddle School – your premier destination for paddle sports instruction and adventure. Our experienced guides are passionate about sharing their love of the water and will expertly lead you down pristine mountain rivers in a kayak, canoe or on a stand up paddleboard.


If you’re looking for an exciting way to experience the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, whitewater kayaking is the perfect activity. Under the instruction of our patient and encouraging guides, first-timers can quickly pick up the basics in a lesson while seasoned paddlers can continue progressing their skills. We’ll provide all the necessary gear and take you to spectacular rivers like the Kicking Horse, Columbia and Toby Creek where you’ll get to test your mettle on fun rapids up to Class III. After a day with us, you’ll be hooked on this thrilling sport.

Paddle Adventures

Stand Up Paddleboarding

If you prefer your waters calm, stand up paddleboarding on the stunning mountain lakes and rivers is an ideal way to take in breathtaking vistas. We offer lessons for all ages and abilities, whether you’re looking for a peaceful morning paddling on Lake Windermere or want to challenge yourself on moving water. Kids love our specialized junior lessons and teens have a blast at our multi-day camps. Adults can also join in on the fun with beginner lessons or more advanced river skills sessions.

More Adventures

In addition to paddle instruction, we provide certification courses for swiftwater rescue and becoming a paddle sport instructor. Our experienced and credentialed guides can even take you on guided overnight camping and paddling excursions on incredible rivers throughout the Rockies. Get in touch to learn more and book your mountain adventure!

Meet Our Guides

Our team of passionate paddlers combines decades of experience both as instructors and competitors. Let them share their expertise and love of paddling to help you progress quickly.

Brenna Kelly

A former member of Canada’s National Freestyle Kayaking Team, Brenna brings top-level skills honed by competing at a world-class level. However, her greatest joy comes from sharing her passion as an instructor. Brenna expertly breaks down techniques in a way students of all levels can understand. Her lessons seamlessly blend safety, skill development, and most importantly, fun!

Adrian Pery

Adrian’s military background gives him the perfect skillset for teaching paddle sports – he’s extremely organized, safety-focused, and good at motivating students. He keeps his lessons lively with humor and makes sure everyone is constantly improving their skills. Adrian is also a certified swiftwater rescue technician.

Thea Froelich

As a competitive slalom kayaker, Thea has developed flawless technique that she is adept at imparting to her students. Her insightful and unique coaching style keeps students engaged as they absorb proper form. Thea is certified to teach whitewater kayaking up to Class II rivers.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Lessons

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest growing paddle sport for good reason – it’s fun, easy to learn, and a great workout. Our experienced instructors will have you standing and paddling with confidence in no time at one of our lessons.

Beginner SUP

This 1.75 hour course teaches complete beginners the basics they need to enjoy stand up paddleboarding. You’ll get instruction on proper stance, paddle techniques, and water safety. Lessons are available privately or in small groups. All necessary gear is provided.

Teen SUP Camp

Kids 13-18 years old will have a blast learning SUP skills and making new friends at this 3 day camp. Experienced instructors lead training focused on efficient paddling, safety, and leadership skills. The last day features a supervised paddle down the scenic Columbia River from Invermere to Radium.

SUP River Intro

Take your SUP skills to the next level at this 2 day course focused on class I-II river paddling. You’ll learn key skills like bracing and specialized paddle strokes required for running rapids. The second day covers essential river safety and self-rescue techniques. Prerequisites include some prior flatwater experience.

Whitewater Kayaking Instruction

Under the guidance of our expert kayak instructors, it’s amazing how quickly you can start safely paddling down rivers and running rapids. We offer programs for every skill level.

Kayaking For Beginners

Never kayaked before? No problem! Our introductory Wannabee course packs all the basics into a fun, confidence-building day. You’ll master wet exits, essential strokes, whitewater safety, and even run some easy rapids. It’s the perfect way to experience the thrill of kayaking.

2 Day River Tease

Our immersive 2 day course lets you dive into kayaking while developing solid skills. With guidance suited to your ability, you’ll quickly pick up strokes, rolling, river hydrology, recognizing hazards, and more. By the end, you’ll be ready to start paddling class II rapids.

5 Day Teen Kayak Camp

For teens 13-18 years old, our weeklong camp is the ultimate adventure. Our experienced guides lead training on and off the water, while time is spent playing games and enjoying delicious camp meals. Participants of all abilities are welcome – complete beginners will get started while experienced teens can progress to bigger rapids.

Get in touch today to start planning your mountain paddle adventure! Our passionate guides can’t wait to get you out on the water.

Supabets: Unlocking South Africa’s Thrilling Paddle Adventures

Are you an adventure seeker in South Africa, looking for an exhilarating experience amidst the stunning landscapes of Canada’s Rocky Mountains? While you might be thousands of kilometers away from Adventure Paddle School, nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, the spirit of paddling knows no borders. Supabets in South Africa can be your gateway to a world of paddle sports and wilderness adventure.

At Adventure Paddle School, they offer an array of paddle sports, including kayaking, canoeing, and stand up paddleboarding, all set against the backdrop of pristine mountain rivers. While you may not be able to visit the Canadian Rockies right away, you can draw inspiration from their offerings and explore the beauty of South Africa’s waterways, thanks to Supabets.

Supabets encourages outdoor enthusiasts in South Africa to take a cue from Adventure Paddle School and embrace the excitement of paddle sports. If you’re intrigued by kayaking, imagine yourself navigating South Africa’s rivers, just as adventurous individuals do in the Kicking Horse, Columbia, and Toby Creek. Thanks to Supabets South Africa, you can find similar thrilling experiences right in your own backyard.

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is another fantastic way to immerse yourself in nature’s wonders. Whether you’re in Canada’s mountain lakes or South Africa’s own picturesque lakes and rivers, the serenity of paddleboarding remains universal. Supabets invites you to try your hand at this rapidly growing paddle sport, offering lessons for all ages and skill levels, just like Adventure Paddle School.

Supabets isn’t just about sports betting; it’s also about promoting and encouraging an active, adventurous lifestyle. While you might not have the Canadian Rocky Mountains at your doorstep, you can still find exhilaration and adventure on South African waters. So, if you’re in South Africa and have a passion for paddle sports, let Supabets be your guide to thrilling adventures on the water, mirroring the spirit of Adventure Paddle School in Canada’s Rockies. Explore South Africa’s waterways, learn the skills, and embark on your very own mountain paddle adventure with Supabets!